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Spa Removal Near Me. Serving SoCal.
Spa Removal Near Me

Looking for LOCAL spa removal service? If you reside in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County - We are your #1 Choice for spa removal service. Spa Removers has all the tools and expertise to handle any type of removal.

Back in 2008 people thought we were crazy to start a business specializing in spa removal. Since then we have removed thousand of spas and remain #1 on volume, pricing and number of five star reviews on Yelp and Angie's List. We are fully licensed and insured. Certificate of Insurance

We Can Do It!
1. Your spa won't fit through the side gate... We can get it out safe and clean!
2. Your spa is located on a rooftop patio... We can get it out safe, clean and affordable!
3. Your spa is infested with rats, mosquitoes and spiders... We can get it out with a smile on our face!

Perhaps You Have Concerns About:
1. Unskilled laborers showing up at your door...
2. The electrical or gas line feeding your spa...
3. Property damage, landscape damage, personal injuries...
4. A company not showing up, increasing the job price, or not listening to your needs...

No Worries With Spa Removers. We Have All Bases Covered And Aim To Impress! 


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   951-824-8404 - Riverside & San Bernardino
   805-791-2136 - Ventura County

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