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Spa Removal and Disposal Service in West LA 

Welcome to We specialize in Spa removal in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City and Beyond. All we do is spa removal and we have all the tools and expertise to handle any job. 

We remove and dispose of all types of spas such as above ground, in-ground, swim spas and spas located in unique locations (for example on a roof or balcony, in a deck, inside your home or sun room).

When your spa is removed you will:
  • Have more room in your backyard
  • Reduce your utility bill
  • Lower your home owner's insurance
  • Keep rodents and spiders away

We Perform the Following On Every Job:

  • Pump water from hot tub out to street 
  • Disconnect and cap off electrical 
  • Dispose of spa cover and steps
  • Clean up all related debris
  • Power wash the concrete area where the spa was
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Service Areas: Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, CA