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Note: we are a pickup, recycling, disposal  company. We do not relocate / move hot tubs.
Welcome to Spa Removers!

Serving Redlands, Loma Linda and Beyond!

Serving Southern CA since 2008, Spa Removers specializes in the removal and disposal of unwanted hot tubs, Jacuzzis and gazebos. This is all we do so you can expect a job well done, even if your spa is in a challenging location or is rotted and falling apart! We have all the tools and experience to handle all types of removals.  
         * * Hire us and within two hours you will: gain immediate room in your backyard, 
eep the rodents and spiders away and lower your home owner's insurance! * *

     Why more people choose us over 'junk' haulers:
         1. We offer competitive, flat-rate pricing based on the dimensions of your spa.
         2. We take care of all the electrical work and leave it safe!
         3. Disposal fees we pay at the dump are included in our price quote.
         4. We are owner operated. Lando and/or Kimrey are on every job.
         5. We are clean fanatics! We'll even pressure wash the ugly spa stain off of your slab. 

     Types of removals we provide:
         1. Above Ground Hot Tubs
         2. InGround Spas (including equipment removal)
         3. Gazebos
         4. Decking

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Owner/Operator: Lando

"Kimrey and I are on every job
and guarantee impeccable service!"



Remove, disposal and pick up service in Redlands and Loma Linda, CA. How much does it cost to get rid of my jacuzzi? Please email us for a fast price quote. Recycle companies and other info will be here soon.