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Rats and More

What's living in your spa? 
Chances are something something big or small is. Because we remove over 50 spas a month and in many areas of California - we see it all! Because spas are warm, dark and full of foam... they become a comfortable place for many different types of rodents, bugs, spiders, and reptiles.

Top creatures we find inside spas:
    1. Rats and Mice (over 80% of above ground spas have rodent infestation)
    2. Black Widows and other spiders (all above ground hot tubs have spiders)
    3. Slugs and Snails
    4. Oposums
    5. Skunks


January, 2013 welcomes us with another snake living under the hot tub!

2012 Welcomes Us With a Large Snake Living Under a Hot Tub!


  oo During the past three years we have crossed paths with many different types of creatures living in and under spas. Our first find this year was a large snake (well over 3 feet long!). I was cutting up an 8' X 8' CalSpa hot tub while my laborer hauled each piece to our trailer. It was when I moved away the very last piece that I noticed a coiled up snake. Normally snakes slither away while we are cutting up or moving a spa, but I believe this guy must have been in hibernation because I could barely get him to move at all. It took about 10 minutes, but I eventually got him to climb up a brick wall and into the bushes. To date this guy was definitely the largest! 
Job Date: January 5th, 2012. Job Location: San Diego, CA. Type of Snake: I have no idea, but it was a little scary!

Baby Rats - Lake Elsinore, CA 
Interesting Orange Slug - Bay Area, CA 

Black Widow - San Jose, CA  

Dead Rats - Sacramento, CA 
Centipede - San Francisco, CA

Salamander - Berkeley, CA  

About 6 Possums in this spa. Tustin, CA 
Alligator Lizard - Trabuco Canyon, CA
Beehive - Irvine,CA

Baby Possum - Downey, CA 

Slug - Pacifica, CA


Humming Bird Eggs - Vista, CA 
This is a picture of a spa we have cut into. In most cases when we cut up spas (for limited access removals) we find this exact scenario. What you see below are holes in the spa where rats have burrowed into. The smaller pieces of the spa is what's left over. It makes for a lot of fun clean up time.

  This is a picture of half of the 16 baby rats we rescued from a spa in Murrieta, CA. Lots of babies and lots of mama rats living in this one.