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How to Get Rid of a Hot Tub That Doesn't Work!

So you have an old hot tub in your backyard taking up space and most likely attracting things you don't want such as spiders, rodents and mosquitoes... The problem with hot tubs is they are large and heavy and not easy to just get rid of. You pretty much only have two options unless you can give it away. Below we will provide you with information we hope will be helpful. If you have any specific questions not answered below feel free to contact the owner of Spa Removers for some friendly advice. Lando (949) 929-1778

Removal Option 1: Do it yourself
If you have a truck, trailer and some willing friends this is always an option. If it will fit out the side get you can buy or rent furniture dollies and roll it out. If it won't fit out the side gate or is simply too unstable to roll out then you'll have to cut it up and remove it in pieces. Cutting it up can be pretty tricky if you haven't done it before and make sure to have lots of demolition blades including several long ones and a face mask. We use Diable blades (type: nail embedded wood) from Home Depot.

Pointers and advice:

1. Make sure the electrical line is shut off and disconnected by a professional.
2. Remove all motors first to help make the hot tub lighter. Also, some dumps and landfills do not allow metal mixed in with general debris.
3. Make sure children are far away when you go to lift the hot tub up. They can easily weight 800 to 1,000 lbs. and can fall over easily if you are not used to handling them.
4. When the hot tub is on the trailer make sure to tarp it up really well. Side panels, doors and other things can come loose and fall off while driving.

Dump and Landfill Information: Most dumps and landfills take hot tubs. Some charge an additional fee if it's not cut up. Most do not. Expect to pay about $30 to $40 for one hot tub. Most dumps and landfills have a weight minimum and in most cases you won't reach it so if you have additional unwanted items to get rid of you might as well take everything at the same time.

Removal Option 2: Hire a spa removal company to remove it for you.

This will cost you anywhere from $300 to $450 for a standard size above ground hot tub and more if it's a larger one such as a swim spa.

Pointers and advice:
1. Make sure the company you hire is insured.
2. Make sure they are licensed to disconnect the electrical line.
3. Make sure they give you a firm price quote and the quote includes the electrical disconnect and dump fees.

Again, feel free to contact the owner of Spa Removers for any advice. He can answer any question and is happy to do so. Lando (949) 929-1778

Get more ideas on how to get rid of your hot tub at our YouTube channel below!

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