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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does the spa removal process take?
Above ground spas take 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Inground spas w/separate pump and heating equipment take about 2-3 hours.

2. When I decide to schedule Spa Removers out how many days will I have to wait for the appointment?
Typically 2-7 days. Much depends on your availability and where our current work route is. If you live in a remote part of CA it can take up to two or three weeks. 

3. I worry about personal injury or property damage when hiring a contractor to work on my property. Is Spa Removers properly insured? 
Yes. View our Certificate of Insurance here for coverage details.

. I don't get off work until 5:00 PM during the work week. Do you work late or on the weekends?
Yes, we can usually arrive as late as 5:30 or 6:00 PM and still have enough daylight necessary to complete the removal. We also work weekends.

5. My spa was craned in. Do I have to pay to have it craned out?
No. 100% of the time we can get your spa out safe and clean. We simply cut it up into manageable pieces.

6. Do I have to be home during the removal process?
No. As long as we have access to an electrical outlet and there are no pets in your backyard - you do not have to be home. You can leave us a check or pay with credit card once you have inspected our work.

7. I'm worried about the electrical line connected to my spa. Will it be left safe?
Absolutely. We will spend as much time needed to make sure the the wiring to your spa is left safe and clean. There will be no exposed or live wires when we are finished. We will also remove/reduce/clean up any portion of the electrical conduit not needed. READ MORE

8. I have a friend that might want my spa. Can you deliver it to him?
No. We do not relocate spas.

9. I have a friend/family member a few miles away and they also want their spa removed. Do you offer a discount?
Yes, if we can schedule both jobs at the same time we reduce our fee by $25 (for each customer). 

10. Who will show up to do the work? I feel uncomfortable having people on my property that are not experienced or don't speak English.
In California Lando and/or Kimrey is on each job. In Las Vegas Susan or her manager Randy is on each job. We do not use sub-contractors.

11. Are there any  preparations I need to make before you show up such as drain the water, take down the gate or move items out of the way?
We take care of most all aspects of the job. If you have items on or in the spa it would be helpful to have them out of our way. There is no need to remove any gates or fencing for us as we cut spas up most of the time.

12. Do you recycle any part of the spa?
Yes, we recycle all of the metal from the spa and spa chemicals. There is not much more of the spa that can be recycled. In some cases with newer spas we can hand them over to a dealer that refurbishes them.