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Professional Electrical Disconnect

One of the first things we do when we arrive to your home is shut of the breaker that is dedicated to your hot tub. Next we ALWAYS check to see if it was labeled correctly (if labeled at all). Disconnecting and capping of the 220 volt wiring the powers your spa is an extremely important part of our job and we take it very seriously. If a child or pet happened to get a hold of a live 220 volt wire it could cause death.

    When you hire us to you remove your spa you we will perform
the following steps regarding the electrical aspect of the job:

  1. Shut off the breaker that is dedicated to your spa.
  2. Label the breaker if it is unlabeled or mislabeled.
  3. Disconnect electrical wiring from your spa.
  4. Remove wiring up to the junction box and cap off inside.
  5. Remove conduit and/or flex piping leading from the junction box to your spa.
  6. Inform customer of what specifically was done (no two jobs are exactly the same).
Keep in mind that every job is different. Some customers are having an old spa removed in order to have a new one delivered so existing wiring needs to remain. In most cases customers are getting rid of a spa for good. Because of this we like to leave the electrical wiring not only safe, but clean. Sometimes wiring or conduit is old, ugly and not to code. We do our very best to remove what we can (per our insurance and licensing) so that you will never have to worry or pay extra by having to hire an electrician before or after us.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding the electrical wiring to your hot tub.

We always remove and safely secure electrical conduit that may be running along a fence, wall or on top of concrete.