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Since 2008 Spa Removers has properly removed, recycled and disposed of thousands of spas throughout California. Before 2008 the owners were successful businessmen in other fields. Due to the recession and dramatic downturn in construction and real estate, the owners of Spa Removers decided to try something new and totally different. Lando and Kimrey run the California location, offering spa removal and disposal only. Susan runs the Las Vegas operation, providing spa removal, relocation and general hauling.

In 2019 Lando awarded his crew members Horacio and Juan Cisneros the business. Now the Cisneros Brothers own and operate Orange County, San Diego County, LA County, Riverside and San Bernardino County.

  Cisneros Brothers: 


We are here to serve you and make sure your spa is removed in a safe and clean manner.

Before Spa Removers you had to try to get rid of a spa on your own. You’d find a handyman or junk hauler, often with sketchy references, and then hope he could figure it out once he came to your home. Now you can simply make a call or send an email request and know that the job will be completed properly and safely.

Why We're #1:

1. We are customer service fanatics!

When you call or email us -- we respond. Even though we are owner operated and personally involved on every job, we still manage to properly respond to each and every customer, either immediately or on the same day with email.

2. A higher standard of quality workmanship and property preservation while at your home.
Whether it's taping off the corners of your stuccoed home, covering up sprinkler heads along our pathway, or placing drop cloth over your new backyard putting green before we start cutting up a spa -- we have all bases covered. You will not find another company that is willing to spend the extra time on each and every job to ensure it's left in pristine condition. We even power wash the concrete area where your spa once stood!

3. We believe in and practice safety at all times.
On most jobs we are dealing with live 220 volt electrical lines. Other jobs involve gas lines. There is no room for error. Spa Removers is licensed and insured. We have the experience, tools and parts to handle any situation..

Spas are heavy and dangerous if not handled properly! 
Most spas weigh 600 to 1,200 lbs. With time and use, spas grow waterlogged and the framework deteriorates, getting weak and brittle. Because of these facts (especially with larger spas), a spa cannot be safely rolled out on a dolly as it was rolled in on delivery day. This is why we usually cut spas into pieces and dolly it out piece by piece. We have been called for countless jobs to remove a spa stuck somewhere in a backyard or walkway because another company could not remove it. Spa Removers has definitely become THE specialist for difficult access jobs. To date there has not been one spa that we could not successfully dispose of. In other words, we have never met a spa that we couldn’t remove. From rooftops in Manhattan Beach to hilltops in San Diego, we have done it all!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Spa Removers!

Since 2008 we've recevived over 100 5-star reviews on Yelp!


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As of January, 2017 Spa Removers has accumulated 116 5-star reviews including 21 from our (now closed) Bay Area location.

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