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Do you have an old 'InGround' spa taking up space in your backyard? We specialize in the removal and disposal of all types of spas - even if they are surrounded by bricks or concrete or located in a sun room. 
Spa Removers provides service to most areas of California and we also offer weekend and evening appointments. Large or small we have all of the tools and expertise needed for a safe, clean and professional removal.


Hire us to remove your spa
and that day you will:
✓Keep the mosquitos away!
✓Lower your insurance bill! 
✓Gain more room in your backyard!  

Below ground spas are not as common as the above ground portable types, but we have removed hundreds in the past few years. This is because twenty to thirty years ago inground spas were very popular. Most of the ones we remove have not worked or been maintained and/or used in years. 

The Basics of What We Do:
  • Remove spa shell from your yard, deck or patio
  • Remove all related pump and heating equipment
  • Properly disconnect, reduce and cap off all related water, electrical and gas lines

We also do gazebo and wood deck removal if you need that too! 

We Do Not:

  - Remove concrete/gunite spa shells
  - Remove concrete surrounding the spa
  - Remove bricks surrounding the spa (we can break them up and place them in the spa hole) 
  - Backfill the spa hole

Typical Inground Spa Shell    Typical Inground Spa Equipment Setup 
A Word of Caution:
There is usually a gas line that runs from your gas meter to the spa equipment. In many cases we find the shut off valve for this line still in the ON position (even though the spa has not been used in years). We have even encountered spa equipment extremely hot and still running daily for 8 years with no use. This is dangerous not to mention increases your gas bill. It is very important to make sure the gas shut off valve to your spa is in the OFF position. If you are not able to locate it you can call the gas company for help.

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