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Spa Removers offers all types of spa removal and disposal services. Even if you think your spa might be a challenge to get out - we can get it out safe and clean!  

Services in Detail:
    Above Ground
Spa Removal
Spa Removal
    Swim Spa
00000    Gazebo Removal
    Spa Equipment
    Difficult Access Jobs
    Deck Removal     Weird Spa Jobs

Additional Services Included On Every Job:

Professional Electrical Disconnect and Cap Off

Power Washing of Spa Area

Watch us work via time lapse video!
One of our customers mounted his camera above our work area and created this time lapse video.

On this job we did the following:
   1. Removed the spa equipment in the corner and capped off all utilities
   2. Removed the spa shell
   3. Removed the wood structure on the side of the spa
   4. Removed the concrete blocks surrounding the spa

Click the play button to watch the video.

The Spa from Joe Popp on Vimeo.