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We take the time to do it right and our process from start to finish is painless. We will schedule a day and time that works with your schedule and that old spa will be gone safe and clean in less than 2 hours! 

   Our Price Quote Always Includes:
  • Disposal fees we pay at the landfill 
     • Professional electrical disconnect
     • Draining the spa water (we carry a commercial pool pump)
     • Removal of spa cover and steps
Pressure washing of the area where the spa was


Below is detailed information on how we price each job: 

1. Type of Spa
In most cases spas are either ABOVE GROUND or IN-GROUND. Above ground spas usually have the pump and heating equipment self-contained. In-ground spas usually have the pump and heating equipment in a separate location and are connected to your gas line.

Above Ground / Portable              In-ground with separate pump and heating equipment

Please let us know if your spa is above ground or in-ground. They are priced differently.

2. Spa Size 

We charge a simple flat rate fee based on the size of your spa. The larger your spa is the more we charge. Larger spas take longer to remove and the fees we pay at the landfill increase. Smaller spas can weigh just a few hundred pounds whereas some of the deluxe 8' x 8' spas can weigh over 1,000 pounds.

How We Measure and Price Above Ground Spas:
✓ Spas measuring 5' to 6' across and plug into a 110 outlet are at lower flat rate.
✓ Spas measuring around 7' to 8' across and running off of a dedicated electrical line are priced $25 more than our rate for mini spas.
✓ Spas measuring beyond 8' in length add $75 per linear foot past the 8' mark.
✓ Swim spas are priced separately.

3. The Access To and Around Your Spa  
No additional fees are added if your spa is located in an average backyard and:
   1. Level to your driveway
   2. Has a side gate entrance wide enough to allow the spa to dolly out on its side
   3. Has at least two feet of access on at least two sides of the spa (from top to bottom)

We apply additional fees if your spa: 

   1. Is set inside a deck or surrounded by walls or other structures that requires us to cut it up
   2. Located on a rooftop, balcony or inside a room
   3. Located up a hill or has multiple steps leading to it (10+ steps is usually our cut off)
   4. Your house is far up or down a driveway and we can't park both our truck and trailer (connected together).
       Note: are truck and trailer is 43' in total  length and 8' wide.

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