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Gazebo Removal

Safe and Clean Gazebo Removal

Through the years Spa Removers has dismantled, demolished and disposed of hundreds of backyard gazebos of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the weight, height and construction of a gazebo they can be difficult and dangerous to tear down. Proper tools and safety equipment are a must. Spa Removers has the expertise and experience to safely dismantle any and all types of gazebos.  

Gazebo Removal Pricing:

Spa Removers has identified four common types of gazebos and has priced them accordingly. 

Minimal Lightweight Gazebo
$1 per square foot
Example price: gazebo measures 8' X 8' so we would charge $64

Solid Roof Gazebo (with no side walls)
$2 per square foot
Gazebos constructed with a metal roof and/or a roof with plywood and shingles

Solid Wall Gazebo
$3 per square foot
Gazebos constructed with a roof and solid side walls.