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Above Ground (portable) Spa and Hot Tub Removal

Above ground spas are heavy and difficult to deal with. Determing how to safely remove a decaying and sometimes waterlogged hot tub takes knowlege, experience and proper equipment.

Cutting up an old "above ground" spa. 
Spa with gazebo removal.
Things to consider with above ground spa removal:
1. Above ground spas are usually connected to a 220V dedicated electrical line.
    Before the removal of your spa the electrical must be properly disconnected 
    by a professional. We offer this as part of our services.

2. Above ground spas can weigh over 1,000 lbs. Even though your spa may have been
    rolled in with a dolly, it is not always safe to roll them out. They can get waterlogged
    and the framework and outside skirting decays with time. In most cases we cut up 
    the larger ones and remove them in pieces. We do not charge extra for this.

4. At the landfill spas can be considered a "hard to handle" item. A good portion of our
    fee to you goes towards the disposal fee we pay at the landfill.

We do the following for our quoted service fee:
  • Drain remaining water from the portable spa (to the street)
  • Disconnect and cap off electrical wiring (we make sure it's 100% safe and secure) 
  • Removal of spa cover, steps and any other related items
  • Power wash the ugly spa stain off of your slab 
  • Clean up entire work area 

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